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Our Purpose
An idea. A phone call. A common passion. This is where the KB3Aero project started from. An Italian startup born in 2021 with the idea of testing if modern aerodynamic simulation technologies, used in the full-scale aviation industry and in the field of the latest cutting-edge “wing-drones”, could offer a significant support in the creation and in the selection of scale airplane wing profiles.

Our first project: ASK-13R(eloaded)

Our different experiences and backgrounds have allowed us to synthesize our common passion for scale gliders in what will be our first model: a reproduction of the iconic German ASK-13 glider redesigned and reengineered in a modern concept (we have called it “R(eloaded)”).

To achieve this idea, we faced a truly unique challenge: applying to an extremely successful full scale project those aerodynamic improvements coming from our numerical simulation models together with the current aesthetic lines that characterize the most recent full-scale gliders.

Overall description

The ASK-13R is expected to offer a really smooth and enjoyable flying experience as the original one. Infact, thanks to the aerodynamic review of some elements like the cockpit, the fuselage sections and the elevator, combined with the two airfoils we selected, the ASK-13R should be able to fly at an extraordinarily realistic speed: here you will appreciate the refined way of flying of this outstanding reengineering work, without losing the opportunity to soar also the weakest thermals.

Design and production

The whole ASK-13R redesign process took place in Italy: from the early sketches, till the 3D digital mock-up, from the aerodynamic studies to the 3D printing of most of the components. Thanks to our partnership with Tomahawk Aviation (DE, https://tomahawk-aviation.com/eu), the glider has been industrialized and it will be manufactured in Tomahawk’s plant in the second half of 2023.

ASK-13R: A unique Glider


A design masterpiece: the starting point of our design process was to identify the most critical aerodynamic concerns of the ASK-13. Focusing on them, we have worked out a series of integrated design solutions combining aerodynamic efficiency with a design modernization.


Quality first: the ASK-13R is a full composite glider. Wings are laminated with a carbon-fibre sandwich structure while fuselage is made of fiberglass with carbon reinforcements. Painting is performed directly into molds. A wide range of accessories is also available for gliding on slopes or on the ground.


A Majestic, realistic and enjoyable way of flying: the selected airfoils have been developed in order to achieve the maximum efficiency at optimal lift coefficients ensuring a realistic flight, a low sink rate and a predictable and easily to recover stall behaviour.

rc components

Top-quality components: our selected partners have been involved in the development of the ASK-13R since the beginning allowing us to offer the state-of-the art materials and maintaining a continuous exchange of opinions and suggestions.

and weight

The ASK-13R is a 1:4 scale reproduction of the iconic German glider that took its first flight in 1966. Wingspan is about four meters and fuselage length is approximately two meters, with a take-off range weight between eleven to thirteen kilograms depending on the setup.

The Aerodynamic study

The aerodynamic choices applied are obviously obtained from specific guidelines established during the initial design phase of the ASK-13R.

The glider is intended to impress with its realism and majestic flight, giving the impression of flying slowly while remaining extremely stable and easily controllable, with a pronounced ability to soar even in weak wind conditions.

Additionally, we did not want to entirely remove the opportunity for more daring pilots to perform some exciting aerobatic maneuvers. Based on these general concepts, precise design specifications were established, which were followed by numerous Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analyses. The results of these analyses are documented in a complete report dedicated to the aerodynamic of the ASK-13R.

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